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Web Design Services

We offer a reasonably priced Web design for small businesses, photographers, artists, contractors and everybody else interested in establishing a web presence. We provide photographic services for your website, too.

To get started

A "Web site" actually requires three basic components: a domain name, or your unique Web address, a host, where your Web site is placed, and the Web site itself.

Domain Name:

Your domain name would be something like "myname.com". You can purchase a domain name from a registering service, like register.com. It can cost you around $35.00. A hosting service at lunarpages.com offers a free for domain name for a year with the purchase of a 12 or 24 month hosting plan.


It is your "Internet landlord". Your website will consist of computer files. These files need to reside somewhere on a host computer. Your domain name will "point" to that host computer. When a viewer enters "myname.com" into their browser, the necessary files are then downloaded from the host computer into the viewer's computer and the viewer can then "see" (and interact with) your website.
Basic hosting services (without e-commerce) start from around $10.00 per month. The cost of basic Web hosting at lunarpages.com is 6.95 per month with the purchase of 24 month plan.

Website per se:

A website consists of one or (usually) more web pages. It is an online catalog that displays whatever visual and text information you need to convey to the viewer.

List of materials we will need to get together:

- You will need to choose a domain name and we will need to find out if it's available.
- We will need all the information about your business or organization, like logo, business card, catalog, brochures, descriptions, and photographs or scans. If this material consists of computer files they can be emailed or burned to a CD. If not, you can mail the hard copies. We will discuss design options, including layout, colors and e-commerce solutions (if needed).
After examining your material we will give you an estimated price. At this point we would need a 40% deposit of the estimated price. We will then set up a temporary "private" space on our Web site: http://www.photographyforever.com/Clients/YourDomainName/.
You will be able to visit your area and view the progress of your Web site development. We will work together to create a website that is uniquely suited to your needs. Once you approve the basic layout we will set up your hosting service (if you don't already have one) and move your website to your host's server.

About effective Web presence

There's much more to developing an effective web presence than simply creating some nicely presented pages.
Remember, that you always have a very short time to engage the viewer's interest, therefore your website must be:
· fast loading. Images must be optimized in size for quick download without sacrificing visual clarity.
· well thought-out, user friendly, and easily navigated.
· multi-browser friendly. Your website must be adapted for correct viewing in different browsers, like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. that have many annoying differences between them.
· search engines friendly. There's a lot more to optimizing your site for a high search engines rating than just adding tons of "keywords" to your code.

Brochure Web Site

Many websites don't need any e-commerce solutions at all. It is a web design package for small businesses that are looking to establish a visually attractive web presence.
Brochure websites can be extremely effective in promoting almost any individual, business, or organization - from the smallest yoga studio to a large corporation.

What benefits do you get:

· 24x7 Marketing. While you sleep or working with the client, your site keeps promoting your business and marketing your products and services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
· Makes it easy to find your company online. Whatever it is your company does, there are always people looking for you online. A brochure web site is the best way to gain exposure to this ever-growing audience.
· Lead Generation. An effectively designed brochure web site, doesn't only distribute information, but also converts your traffic into sales leads by enticing your visitors to take action.
· Development of your company image/perception. A professionally designed web brochure helps you to craft an image/perception of your company the way you want it to be.
· All you need to start Internet marketing. A brochure web site is all you need to start your advertisement on Google, Yahoo or other search engines and directories.

Choosing hosting service

There are so many hosting services, which one is right? That really depends on the needs of your business or organization. Each host offers slightly different hosting and/or e-commerce packages. If your website will be a simple one consisting of a few pages, an inexpensive plan in the $8.00 to $14.00 per month range could be right for you. However, if your site will be larger, with hundreds of pages and images, you might need a more powerful hosting package with more.
We will be happy to explain your options, help you make informed choices, and talk you through the registration and signup process.

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